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Venture Studio

From start to scale, we help businesses validate their ideas, find the right market, and achieve sustainable growth from launch and beyond.

What is a Venture Studio?

A venture studio helps take business through a holistic growth approach to envision, experiment, bootstrap, build, and scale. This process is called the Product Validation Funnel, and whether you’re in early-stage ideation or post-product-market-fit, City Innovations can help you validate your ideas, build the right thing, and get to market faster.

The Product Validation Funnel

The Product Validation Funnel helps validate ideas by addressing assumptions and using data from experimentation to move a business forward. Key phases include proving an idea with a Minimum Viable Test (MVT), testing an idea with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and launching an idea with a Minimal Marketable Product (MMP).

Business Growth Services

The 90 Day MVP

Want to start testing your venture idea in the market? Take your idea and core features through our lean workshop to develop your Minimal Viable Product.

Business Model Workshop

Start clarifying your digital products and ventures. With our immersive business model workshop, we’ll discover your business processes, uncover opportunities, and build the confidence to invest.

Enterprise Digital Strategy

We create digital roadmaps that support strategic initiatives and early stage budgeting — helping intrepreneurs organize and communicate digital vision while establishing buy-in with peers and leaders.


Need to visualize your product before moving forward? Our user experience team can help you create clickable mockups that aid in validating your venture before you invest in building the application.

Bootstrapping Application Development

With no-code/low-code frameworks, we provide early market applications to ensure product-market-fit and market acceptance with lower cost and shorter development schedules.

Growth Team

Driven by data, our growth team helps develop go-to-market tools and strategies to engage your early market customers with web, social, inbound content, and outbound marketing.

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