Funded Startups

Fuel Your Startup's Growth Through a Validation Playbook

As a newly minted startup, you’re ready to transform your idea into a reality. But going from idea to market acceptance doesn’t have to be a big leap if you have the right partner — one with a data-driven process to strategize, prototype, design, and grow ideas into customer-centric digital solutions. 

With City Innovations, we’ll work with you to define features and messages that help scale your idea and make big waves in your market.

It’s time to create a digital venture that will matter to the world. 

Co-Founding Your Venture

As co-founders, we take a select group of ventures each year and provide them with a myriad of services and insight for success.

MVP in Under 90 Days

Create a venture that scales. Launch your idea and core features through our game-changing Silicon Valley-powered accelerator in under 90 days.

Customer-Centric Software Development

Build lean digital solutions that your customers actually want — faster than anyone in your market using tech like open source, auto-code, and AI.

We leverage off-the-shelf software solutions that are flexible enough to tackle any application. With strategic recommendations based on code reviews, team interviews, and data discovery, you’ll receive a project roadmap with metrics and measurable results — making sure you’re on the path towards achieving your end goal.

Customer and User Experience Design (CX/UX)

Optimize your user experience to drive conversions, engagement, satisfaction, and retention. 

Product Strategy and Growth

Move the needle using a data-driven approach to product management. 

Our Growth Team helps develop go-to-market tools and strategies to engage your early market customers with web, social, inbound content, and outbound marketing.

Prototypes for Market Validation

Need to visualize your product before moving forward? By bootstrapping a working prototype, our user experience team can help you create clickable mockups that aid in validating your venture with quick-to-launch, low-fidelity tech and tactics — all before you invest in building the application.

Avoid the high upfront costs of software development and understand what features and behaviors your solution really needs.

Not ready for a co-founder yet? Here’s what we can do for you.

Free 6 Course Master Class

Build a Product that Achieves Exponential Growth

Join our Master Class to learn the secrets of the Market Validation Funnel™ to create a systematized way to validate your innovative ideas and bring your product to life.

Not ready for the Master Class just yet?

That’s okay, we have a host of courses and workshops that can help you take the scaleable steps to launch your venture and beyond.

Venture Workshop 

Want to test your venture idea in the market? Take your idea and core features through our lean workshop to develop your Minimal Viable Product.


Start clarifying your digital products and ventures. With our immersive business model workshop, we’ll discover your business processes, uncover opportunities, and build the confidence to invest.

 Design Sprint

Create a Minimum Viable Solution, using low-code/no-code and off-the-shelf software that answers critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

A Startup Friendly Approach to Funding

For many startups, you’re likely running on a finite amount of funding. This is where a partner like City Innovations can step in. We invest in startups we believe in by using Creative Capital.

Creative Capital allows us to dial down the hourly rate of work and dial up the profit sharing and equity split. This means you can invest your funding into other critical areas of your startup.

And Creative Capital goes beyond just funding. We offer ideation support, product-market-fit testing, early market messaging assistance, and help bringing your idea to life through development, as well as funding, coaching, and so much more — all to enable your startup with continuous growth and scale.

If you haven’t gotten the funding you need to get your startup off the ground, we can help. As your partner, we’ll assess how you’ve funded your idea so far and what you need to go from “zero to one.”

How have you funded your idea so far?

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You have an idea for a product or service but your company has little to no capital right now. No venture funding has been solicited because you’re still in the early stages of the idea, which still needs to be defined or validated. 
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Your startup is in the friends and family stage, with capital ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. Your resources may be limited, but you aren’t starting from scratch. Your idea has enough definition to develop a Minimum Marketable Product but some validation is still required to ensure product-market fit.
Seed 1st Stage
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Your idea has been fully launched and your company is anywhere from 2-3 years old. But your goal is to ramp up production and sales. Your company might be valued anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000, with funding coming from a variety of sources (private equity, venture capitalists, angel investors, friends and family, etc.).
Series A-E
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Your business is ready for expansion and future business growth. You've optimized your model, offset financial losses or shortfalls, and continue to develop your product or service. With an established user base, steady streams of revenue, and new products, it's time to acquire other startups in the same industry, and look forward to new opportunities.
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Mezzanine financing to either prepare a company for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to take it public. It can also be used to prepare a business for its sale to another company.

We can help you through each step of the process in order to find investors. Our Capital Investor Network can provide expertise and insight across the entire spectrum of company building. And once you’ve begun to scale, we come alongside your team to monitor success against goals, prototype new features, and help communicate with investors. 

Create a digital venture that will matter to the world.

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