How Fast Do You Want Your Startup to Grow?

Do you have a great idea you want to implement? Is there an app you want to build? The road from idea to viable product isn’t always straightforward. There are often a lot of twists, turns, and alternative paths out there.

In this City University session, Josh and Kyle introduce the City Innovations Growth Team concept and discuss how it helps entrepreneurs move from “startup” into “viable businesses.” 

What is the Growth Team? 

Startups are always exciting. The whole world is at your feet and it’s easy to develop blind spots as you imagine your bright future.

At City Innovations, we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs build digital businesses that matter to the world. That’s where our Growth Team comes in. We help you validate your venture from early-stage ideation all the way to post-product-market-fit. But we want to make sure you’re building the right thing (after all, 9 out of 10 ventures fail — but you don’t have to be one of them). Together, we help define the problem you are trying to solve before moving into how to solve it.

From there, we work with you on the aspirational aspects of your vision. Our Growth Team can help you plot out the waypoints you need to hit as the business goes from envisioning your venture, validating your idea, bootstrapping your minimum viable product, ensuring the creation product market fit, and scaling your company for growth.
Essentially, our Growth Team helps you build the right thing at every phase of your venture’s journey.

Building the Thing Right vs. Building the Right Thing

No one wants an app or process that doesn’t work. That’s why there are plenty of options for anyone to spend $250,000 on building a piece of custom code that does exactly what you tell it to.

But how horrible would it be to spend that kind of money on an amazing app, just to find out that no one wants it? The Growth Team at City Innovations uses off-the-shelf software applications to get a no or low-code version of your product to the market. This allows you to test the idea, test the solution, and most importantly, figure out how to reach your customers before dropping the big bucks on a slick app.

Agility is built right into this solution, too. We gather data, test your idea, fail fast, and make changes rapidly so that you build up real-world experience and assurance that your idea will work.

You could gamble on your original vision, or you can slow it down and make a much safer bet by working with our Growth Team.

Seeing into the Future

One of the benefits of working with our Growth Team is that through us, you have access to insights, best practices, and real-world applications of other companies. Envision what you want, and we can help you refine and focus. When it’s time to go-to-market, we know how to get those first users, collect the feedback, and use it to make informed decisions on where to go next. 

The entrepreneurial and strategic side of your plan is often in tension with the design and creative side. Our Growth Team is used to wearing both hats and will provide you with a solid sounding board as you navigate from each milestone in your plan. 

Your Strategic Partner

A lot of startups talk about creating an MVP, or “Minimum Viable Product” when they are about to bring their first product to market. Our Growth Team thinks bigger than that. We want to help you create a “Minimum Viable Business” that is positioned correctly and ready to grow. 

What’s the problem? How do we solve it? What are the business metrics that we need behind it? 

Reach out to City Innovations today and we’ll help you answer these critical questions and build out a roadmap. Then you get to answer the fun question: “So, how fast do you want to grow?”

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