Corporate Ventures

Your Vision from Whiteboard to Market Ready

Your blueprint for innovation will navigate your organization to success — but you need to ensure your idea aligns with organizational goals and that your team is working toward the same vision. With City Innovations, you can build a roadmap that helps you validate your idea and get the buy-in you need to launch your vision.

Let’s build the digital solutions that your customers want.

Customer, User, and Market Research

Uncover insights and understandings from your target market and customers to identify opportunities for growth. Gain confidence knowing that you’re building the right thing by performing customer, user, and market research.

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Trend Analysis
  • User Journeys

Business Model Strategy and Innovation

Start clarifying your digital products and ventures while discovering your business processes, uncovering opportunities, and building the confidence to invest.

We’ll help you create innovative business models and strategies to optimize and improve user acquisition, retention, monetization, and more.

  • Clarifying the value proposition
  • Documenting expected costs
  • Creating a proforma for revenue opportunities
  • Modeling sales and marketing channels
  • Roadmapping the tasks required to get to market
  • Finding market segments you can own

Product Strategy and Growth

Get a data-driven playbook to the Product Validation Funnel. It breaks down product management, testing, validating, and re-calibrating. 

Regardless of whether you’re in early-stage ideation or post-product-market-fit, you’ll be confident you’re delivering the right product with the right go-to-market strategies and growth hacking tactics.

  • Connecting with early adopters
  • Developing product stories for the MVP launch
  • Finalizing market message, brand voice, and image
  • Getting the features and price right

Rapid Digital Prototypes

A successful go-to-market strategy happens in waves. Before you can move to the next step, you need to be able to visualize your product. Especially if you’re presenting an innovative idea to board members, clients, or investors.

Our user experience team can help you create clickable mockups that aid in validating your venture before you invest in building the application. We’ll also help test your solution in the market using quick-to-launch, low-fidelity technologies and tactics to ensure product-market fit.

Customer-Centric Software Development

Build lean digital solutions that your customers actually want — faster than anyone in your market using tech like open source, auto-code, and AI. 

With strategic recommendations based on code reviews, team interviews, and data discovery, you’ll receive a project roadmap with metrics and measurable results — making sure you’re on the path towards achieving your end goal.

Create a digital venture that will matter to the world.

We're here to help make it happen. Here's how.

1Create a Growth-Focused Strategy ​
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Align your team with your ideas and collaborate on innovative business strategies that will help launch your venture with your organization’s current processes and goals.
2Validate Your Venture
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Uncover important customer insights through rapid market experimentation and testing so you can ensure product-market fit.
3Launch a Working Prototype
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Create a user experience that drives engagement, conversions, and retention using next-gen tools and tactics like low-code/no-code and SaaS products.
4Build the Right Thing
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Rest easy knowing that you’re now leading high-performing teams, designing your idea for the right audience, and building digital solutions that your customers actually want, faster than anyone in your market.

Frameworks we live by.


Envision strategy with testable assumptions and measures.

Jobs to 
Be Done

Define customer needs with Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework.

 Validation Funnel

Ensure viability with feature and market readiness experiments.

 Design Sprints

Prototype to ensure  product-market fit with minimal investment.


Build a scalable application with Agile development processes.

Free 6 Course Master Class

Build a Product that Achieves Exponential Growth

Join our Master Class to learn the secrets of the Market Validation Funnel™ to create a systematized way to validate your innovative ideas and bring your product to life.

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Create a digital venture that will matter to the world.

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