City Innovations

We help ventures achieve product-market fit and exponential growth. In partnership with founders, intrapreneurs and investor teams, we help provide the confidence to invest and build the right businesses that matter to the world.

Our Origin

An Innovator at Heart

Josh Barker has always been an innovator at heart — even as a child, he consistently was developing products and ideas along the way.

On the Corporate Track

While working within corporate track, Josh served as the Director of Innovation at KPMG where he created and led a new group called “Innovative solutions” focused on bringing digital disruptive innovation to KPMG.

Consultancy Launch

Taking what he learned at KPMG, Josh started his own consultancy that launched several apps to local companies in Grand Rapids, MI.

From Corporate World to Silicon Startup

Josh quit his job at KPMG to partner with a life-long friend on a startup business concept for keeping people accountable to their fitness goals. This was funded by investors in Silicon Valley.

Now Let’s Build the Right Thing

After previously working on an unsuccessful startup, Josh didn’t want people to go through the same time, energy, and resources that he just went through. His mission turned to help startups build the right thing, not just to build the thing right. That’s why Josh founded City Innovations, a venture studio that helps people envision, validate, fund, and launch sustainable digital ventures and products by building the right thing — the first time around.

Our Values


We value faith and always put people first.


Each one of us has an ownership mindset — being responsible and accountable for our work is at the top of our minds.


We always start with the needs of others first and make it a priority to listen to everyone in all we do.


We value the freedom to try new things, to make mistakes, and to keep moving forward towards greater success.


We consistently enjoy and embrace the journey — you’ll often find us keeping things lighthearted with plenty of good laughs.

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