The Innovation Behind Overcoming Orbital Debris with Kall Morris Inc

Kall Morris Inc

There are over 42,000 pieces of space debris orbiting the earth. Unable to perform their original function, this debris poses a risk of colliding with other working objects in orbit and setting off other untrackable cascading collisions. How does one solve this issue? Can anything be done? In this episode of Venture unscripted., Josh Barker, […]

How Look@ is Changing Travel Photography

Having to awkwardly ask a stranger to take a photo of you while on vacation is never on someone’s bucket list. What’s worse is taking a selfie and missing the beautiful monument behind you. Or even more dreadful — a member of your group isn’t in the photo because they have to take the photo. […]

Varsity Gems Making Student-Athletes Money with NFTs

If you’ve been following college sports, you’ll remember that the NCAA Division I Board of Directors approved the “Name, Image, and Likeness” (NIL) policy in June of 2021. This allows student-athletes to make money for their name, image, and likeness. From signing endorsement deals, to selling products, to running clinics — they are now able […]

How Can We Practice Innovation in Sustainability?

Nature and business have become more intertwined than ever. Not only does it provide a source of inspiration, but it is also a resource that is in need of protection as population size and consumption grows. In this episode of Venture unscripted., Josh Barker, CEO of City Innovations, sat down with Nicole Miller, Managing Director […]

How to Create an Innovation Framework

All ideas and opinions are Matteo’s own and do not express the views or opinions of his employer. With multiple moving pieces, people, and processes, creating innovation at the corporate level can be challenging. In this episode of Venture unscripted., Josh Barker, CEO of City Innovations, sat down with Matteo Dariol, the Lead Innovation Strategist […]

Innovation Through Incremental Change

This podcast was originally recorded in August 2019.  Brand perception is one of the most instrumental keys to consumer success. We’ve all been there — scrolling endlessly until something catches our attention and draws us in. Sometimes, we buy particular products based on appearance — it’s not always the quality that influences our buying decisions. […]

Lean Startup Tips from a Filmmaker

In the past hundred years, the population of the contiguous United States has shifted from living in mostly rural areas to urban and suburban areas. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, urban areas make up only 3% of the entire land area of the country but are home to more than 80% of the population. […]

Lending Money to Family Made Easy | Podcast Recap

Pigeon Loans

We’re all familiar with it — the almost always uncomfortable, awkward conversation when a family member or friend asks to borrow money. Will they be mad if you say no? Do you trust them to pay you back? Why did they have to ask you in the first place? Well, that’s exactly where Brian Bristol […]

How to Become an Innovation High Striker with Greg Guidotti

Ferrara Creative Carnival Innovation Event

Episode Summary A few weeks back an email out of the blue came our way. Would we would be a part of Ferrara Candy Company’s internal innovation event? By now you know we love talking about innovation, so the answer was YES! Today you’ll hear Josh interview Greg Guidotti, the General Manager at Ferrara, about […]