How to Implement the Best Corporate Innovation Model

Corporate innovation can be tricky and hard to do successfully. You don’t want innovation theatre – you need actual results. Therefore, how does a company in a slow-moving industry get innovation right? As a consulting company, we have the unique opportunity to work with a lot of companies in a wide variety of industries.  In […]

Border Crossing Boosts Innovation in the Workplace

Border crossing refers to the practice of going beyond preconceived categories of what is legitimate and what is not. We can achieve innovation in the workplace by placing greater importance on understanding our employees. What is Border Crossing? Border crossers can check their presumptions about their role and venture into unfamiliar territory. Gaining a broader […]

How to Develop an Impressive Prototyping Process

Prototyping is a vital part of the design thinking process and in this article, I’d like to illustrate what prototype fidelities we use and why — to better understand and manage user expectations. “How it works” Vs. “How it looks” For a better understanding of fidelity it makes sense to separate functionality (or UX) and […]

Story Mapping for Your Internal Team

Our team uses story mapping to strategize with customers. It allows for collaboration by creating a story of what a product will look like and how it will be built. From a Project Manager’s internal perspective, story mapping is incredibly helpful. Not only does it help your Design and Development teams move quickly, but it […]

How a Design Prototype Can Save You Time & Money

A design prototype is an interactive visualization of your future product or service: created to facilitate, collect and implement end-user feedback. Many use prototyping in their software development process. However, not everyone utilizes its full potential to save time and money.  The Benefits of Prototyping Before we start let’s review what makes prototyping useful and […]

How to Plan Your Innovation Strategy for 2020

It’s that time of year when our customers are considering an innovation strategy by planning projects they would like to accomplish throughout the next year.  We assist our customers by facilitating an innovation assessment and planning process. I thought I would lay out our general 5-step process so that others can use this in their […]

Understanding Scaled Agile Framework

As companies aim for digital disruption, implementing change as fast as possible is integral. Agile Development allows for timely feedback and quick iterations. While this is easy for small companies to achieve, it may be more difficult for larger organizations. This is where Scaled Agile Framework can help. Below is a transcription of a Business […]

How to Stay Sane as a Work from Home Mom

Balancing Life as a Work From Home Mom

Multi-tasking isn’t great for anyone’s productivity, but as a work from home mom, it’s unavoidable. So how do you make the most of your time so that you are keeping your little one busy and challenged, make that deadline for the blog post you’re writing, and stay sane? These 5 tips have helped me make […]

How To Overhaul Your Digital Innovation Strategy

Digital Innovation Strategy Overhaul Feature Image

Every organization needs a digital innovation strategy. No matter the industry, every company can innovate and disrupt using digital technology. Most organizations today are unaware of the massive amount of opportunities that exist to do so. Developing strategic initiatives can feel like a cumbersome undertaking, but start with these next five items and you’ll be […]

How to Innovate with Digital Prototyping

At the heart of every innovation, there’s a consumer insight that is followed by an idea, or a solution. Design Thinking is one of the best ways to make sure the innovation would be meaningful by brainstorming improvements based on consumer feedback before investing heavily in project development. So, how can digital prototyping help? Prototyping […]