4 Reasons to Build a Digital Prototype

4 Reasons to Create a Digital Prototype

At City Innovation Labs, we’re often asked, “Why Should We Build a Prototype?” Here are the top four reasons why any organization should build a digital prototype. 1. Shared Understanding & Excitement:  One of the most important functions that a prototype serves is as a strategic communication tool for casting a vision and inspiring ideas.   […]

The Second Role of an Innovative Leader

Read the video transcript below for the second role in innovative leadership: Hi, I’m Josh Barker, CEO of City Innovation Labs.  And this is the third video in our series called Cultivating Innovation where we talk about the roles that an innovative leader plays in order to Create an Innovative Team. In this video I’m […]

How to Create a Culture for Continual Learning

Creating a Culture for Continual Learning

At City Innovation Labs, we are continually learning. As a startup, we don’t have time to be content with our positioning as a company. We constantly want to find new ways to engage potential customers. We often wear many hats, allowing us to fill gaps within our company and make forward progress to reach our […]

5 Ways to Make Remote Teamwork Work

Working on a Remote Team

We all know how important teamwork is. Creating a team culture is vital to a successful company. I joined City Innovation Labs about 8 months ago. I knew that teamwork could be harder to cultivate when virtual meetings are the norm. But, surprisingly, it is not hard. Every team member is invested in making sure […]