Mastering Product Market Research: Strategies for Success

Product Market Research

Looking to revolutionize your business strategy? Product market research is the place to start.  In our latest video, we dive into product market research — uncovering strategies, pitfalls, and insights essential for any entrepreneur embarking on the journey of building a successful business. From competitive analysis to understanding the market landscape and innovating business models, […]

Understanding Product-Market Fit

Product-Market Fit

Gaining product-market fit is a crucial aspect of validating your idea and ensuring its success in the market. But what does it mean to truly have truly have product-market fit? In this blog, we’ll explore what product-market fit truly means, how it intertwines with the validation process, some common questions surrounding this topic, and its […]

Navigating Corporate Evolution: Connamara’s Journey to Product-Oriented Success

Mike Gatny

In this episode of Venture unscripted., Josh Barker, Founder and CEO of City Innovations, talks with Mike Gatny, the Chief Operating Officer at Connamara. The episode revolves around Mike’s journey not only in software development but how he helped Connamara shift from service-oriented goals into product-oriented success. Watch the podcast video below or read the […]

Avoiding Pitfalls: Tips for Startups and Corporations in Software Development


In the latest Venture unscripted., City Innovation’s Josh Barker sat down with the co-CEOs of Atomic Object, Mike Marsiglia and Shawn Crowley, to dissect some of their extensive insights into the world of custom software development. Check out the podcast video below to learn about Mike and Shawn’s experiences navigating the complexities of software innovation […]

Top Tips for Generating Venture Success Through Adaptability

Ron Neary

Adaptability and the ability to embrace change are essential qualities for success.  In this episode of Venture unscripted., podcast host Josh Barker sat down with business leader Ron Neary, to dive into his invaluable insight on how to generate success through adaptability.  Ron has been in the business world for nearly 30 years, and has […]

Bryce Kaiser Joins City Innovations to Lead its Venture Studio’sStartup Practice

City Innovations is excited to announce Bryce Kaiser joining the team to lead its Startup practice. This move comes after substantial growth and demand in both Startup and Corporate Innovation customers at the company. Bryce has founded, worked for, and consulted with some of the brightest startups in Michigan over the last 12 years. Among […]

Redefining Recognition and Innovating Employee Engagement

Case Study

We helped our client create an MVP in 2 weeks. Now it’s being used by Fortune 500 companies and has $50M in revenue annually flowing through it. Client: Employee Engagement Company Industry: HR Funnel Process: Bootstrap, Build, and Scale  The Challenge A prominent player in employee engagement, recognition, and award programs sought City Innovations’ expertise […]

How Pivoting Business Strategies Led to Creating Revolutionizing Pet Care

For many of us, pets are more than just animals who live in our homes — they’re family. And when it comes to taking care of family, you have to do it the right way.  In this edition of Venture unscripted., podcast host Josh Barker sits down with the co-founders of Vetr Health, a mobile […]

PE firm Unifies Customer Experience Across 14 Brands

The brand team of a FinTech company utilizes City Innovations’ rapid two-week Market Landscape Analysis to devise a customer-centric strategy that aimed to enhance customer lifetime value (LTV). Client: Financial Technology Private Equity Firm Industry: Financial Services Education and Training Funnel Process: Envision, Validate The Challenge Finance and technology are two ever-evolving sectors that require […]

How to Level Up Entrepreneurship Through Gamification

Yu-kai Chou

What if you could get the cheat code to successful entrepreneurship? Would you play to win? Or would you enjoy the journey and explore the side quests? In this edition of Venture unscripted., podcast host Josh Barker sits down with world-renowned gamification expert, developer, and author Yu-kai Chou for insights on how to gamify entrepreneurship, […]