5 Easy Steps To Accomplish Your Spring Goals

Accomplishing Spring Goals

Springtime is upon us, which means it’s time to tackle those spring goals! It is the ultimate season of symbolism. Rains bring life and rebirth, plants begin to bloom, animals awaken from a cold slumber, and everything else begins to renew. The word spring means to “burst forth, or to leap”. I don’t know about […]

How To Build An Impressive Product Vision Board

Download our Product Vision Board to start conversations and realize business goals!

A lot of businesses have a vision statement – a memorable sentence that expresses the core aim of the company. However, not many lay it all out on a product vision board. When City Innovation Labs facilitates workshops with our clients we like to ask if the business has a vision statement for itself or […]

How to Build Real Time Search with RxJS and React.js

Real Time Search with React.js and RxJS

Real time search is a common feature that is included in products. A typeahead is a common example of that. The idea is that as the user types, search results return in real time. Slack does this when you first start to mention a user. This post looks at how to build a robust real […]

How to Get Started with Postgres Full Text Search

Postgres Full Text Search Blog

Search is a common feature in many products today. The time to build and deploy a fully realized search feature can take weeks. If your product already uses Postgres the time to build a search feature can go from weeks to hours by using Postgres’s built in full text search features.

Are You Wasting Time in Your Software Development Process?

What Software Development Process Time Wasters Can You Avoid?

The minutia of your software development process is problematic. It wastes time under the guise of being productive or enhancing the quality of the software. Unfortunately, many developers personally identify with certain designs or tendencies. This causes them to defend their position while not recognizing or realizing that it doesn’t matter. Here are some of […]

How to Contract the RIGHT Software Development Company

Contracting a Software Development Company (& the pitfalls!)

I wish I could say these pitfalls rarely happen when choosing a software development company. However, in my 15 years of experience, they are more frequent than not. To give your business the best chance of success you must be aware of these pitfalls. They can cause catastrophic financial problems or leave your software system […]

What Healthcare Technology Can We Implement Right Now?

How is healthcare technology changing?

How will Healthcare Technology Adapt in a COVID-19 World? Hi everybody. My name is Brad Hammond. I’m the Chief Strategy Officer at City Innovation Labs and today I’m going to talk to you about healthcare technology. Obviously, healthcare as an industry and healthcare organizations are facing an immensely challenging situation today with the response to […]

How to Work From Home (& BE PRODUCTIVE!)

how to work from home and stay productive!

This article was written pre-COVID. However, being productive at home is literally relevant to everyone still social distancing right now. Or at least physically distancing, we can still be social. With the possibility that work culture is going to change and that we all may be WFH for a while longer – we have some […]

7 Reasons You Should Choose Open Innovation

Why Choose Open Innovation

As a project manager, I have found that it is hard to fully grasp what innovation truly is. Innovation is such a big word. Not having a true understanding of how I could contribute, I took a deeper dive into what can drive innovation within a company. Moreover, I stumbled upon the fascinating idea of […]

This is Why Empathy Needs to Drive Design Thinking

Having empathy is an important skill. Recently I learned the importance of employing empathy within Design Thinking. While I don’t have a background in design, I wanted to learn more about the process and how best to support our team and clients with this method. Here’s what I learned.  Empathy Comes First Empathy needs to […]