How to Leverage Consumer Insights for Innovation

Andy Renaud talks about consumer insights for innovation on episode 42

SUMMARY WITH ANDY RENAUD Andy Renaud from Ferrara Candy is on AAI today and a common theme that comes up is what do we do with consumer insights? How do we use them to fill our innovation pipeline? How can we use them to engage our customer on social media and beyond? Andy talks to Josh […]

What Will the Future Look Like for Innovations in Science?

An Interview about innovations in science with Tim Lavengood.

SUMMARY Tim Lavengood is on Ask an Innovator today talking with us about innovations in science. We talk about how the Technology Innovation Center will provide a place for scientists to truly own their own intellectual property and what that means for inventing and the world at large. We talk about the importance of mentorship […]

How to Keep Innovating with IP Lawyer Daniel Shulman

IP Lawyer Daniel Shulman on Episode 39 of AAI

SUMMARY Daniel Shulman, an IP Lawyer at Vedder Price in Chicago is on today to discuss how to make space for a robust culture of innovation. He and Josh talk through the specifics of creating a place where innovators are free to innovate – even during a pandemic. They discuss remote work and how to […]

How Can You Validate Innovation Ideas?

Evaluating Innovative Ideas Podcast

SUMMARY This is the fourth episode in our Spotlight Series – let’s get into how to come up with innovative ideas and how to validate them. Where do you look for ideas? Who is in the room to validate them? And we reveal our best practices for running an innovation workshop. Connect with Ask an […]

What Common Innovation Mistakes Do Companies Make?

Spotlight Series: Common Innovation Mistakes Companies Make

SUMMARY This is the third episode in our Spotlight Series – we’re talking quickly about innovation mistakes. What mistakes are companies making and how can they circumvent these problems and think through innovation differently. In under three minutes, we get through it all. Stay tuned for next week’s episode. Connect with Ask an InnovatorHave a […]

How to Innovate Quickly?

Spotlight Series 2: How to Innovate Quickly

SUMMARY In this second episode – we talk about IF we should innovate during a pandemic and how we can innovate quickly! Should we be looking for ways to do things differently? We think so. We talk about why companies should be innovating and some examples of companies doing just that! Connect with Ask an […]

Does the Importance of Innovation Change During Crisis?

Spotlight Series 1: Importance of Innovation in Crisis

SUMMARY We’ve loved bringing you the Ask an Innovator interviews – but thought we’d change it up a little bit from time to time with these Spotlight Series episodes. In the first one, Josh Barker discusses the importance of innovation in a time of uncertainty. What can it mean for your business and how can […]

What Does Your Remote Workspace Look Like?

My Remote Workspace

This whole working from home thing got me thinking about what everyone’s remote workspace might look like. Do they set themselves up in one spot or do they move around the house? Prior to the mandated shelter in place – I’d never thought about how or “where” they work. At CIL, we’re remote all the […]

CIL’s COVID-19 Letter to You

Covid-19 Stay at Home

At City Innovation Labs our number one core value is Faith and People First.  I wanted to write a note to let all of our employees, customers, and partners know our stance on the COVID-19 outbreak.  First of all, we are operating in a spirit of peace and not one of fear (John 14:27). However, […]

50+ Awesome Tips on How to Work Remotely

Getting Set up to Work Remotely

In unprecedented times, we do unprecedented things. We’re navigating through something we’ve never been through before. I’m sure some of you have questions on how to work remotely or working while your kids are at home. While we don’t have all the answers, we have some tips or tricks for you to get started. There […]