Innovation is Learning | Ep. 027

Episode Notes:

Josh interviews Tim Kelley this week. He’s the CEO of Nautilus Medical and we sit down with him to discuss why innovation is learning. Tim has spent his career in the healthcare world and developed Nautilus because of things he learned and pain points he saw along the way.

In this one, Tim and Josh talk about how innovation is learning, why it needs to create an impact and why you need to prioritize the customer. However, Tim explains, the customer is not always right, but listening carefully to them is essential for any business.

Furthermore, Tim digs into how the same business model won’t work for everyone. Similarly, we talk about why pivoting and adapting your business is essential to make sure you’re solving the right problem. Also, Tim talks about how they’ve continued to pivot at Nautilus Medical and what that has looked like.

Finally, we talk about the future of healthcare. We discuss how patients will want to control their data, how everything will become digital and why telehealth is growing at a rapid rate.

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