Innovation In Food | Ep. 028

Episode Notes:

What’s up? Aram Karapetian is on Ask an Innovator today. Aram is the President at Woodland Foods. Woodland Foods is a company dedicated to helping people experience the world through culinary exploration. You can learn more about them here. Today the topic is innovation in food, so let’s get after it.

Aram impresses that innovation is imagination. He teaches us how Woodland Foods empowers every team member to be an innovator and why that’s valuable. Furthermore, he tells us why companies need to be diligent about providing education for their employees so they have every resource at their disposal.

Obviously, food is also a huge part of the discussion. How is Aram driving innovation in food?

First and foremost, sourcing new ingredients is key. Supporting that with a sound supply chain infrastructure is also essential.

Secondly, Aram talks about how the mindset around food and health is changing. He and Josh discuss how consumers are becoming more conscious. Not only of their impact on the world but also the impact that food has on their bodies. Furthermore, they chat about how getting the consumer to experience the world through food is the end goal.

Finally, Aram divulges his secret on how to avoid salad fatigue and where he believes the future of food is headed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and we’ll catch you next week!

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