Innovation in Collaboration | EP. 026

Episode Notes:

The intersection between the enterprise and start-up worlds can seem vast. Matt Kammerait, the Director of Digital and Emerging Technology at AAR sits down with Josh this week to discuss innovation in collaboration. Matt has spent his career split between the riskier, more agile start-up environment and the slower moving enterprise world.

In this one, Matt and Josh talk about how innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. For this reason, it takes multiple people with different skills and different talents to create change. In addition, they discuss the aviation industry and the beginning of the digital journey for AAR.

Matt relays the would-be benefits of more collaboration between the start-up and enterprise world. Moreover, the opportunities it would create could be endless and it would provide huge value to each side.

To finish, we delve into the creation of process and how much that can change depending on the organization you work for. Matt also shares his 4-step guide for the greatest chance of innovation. Listen in to learn more!

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