Driving Innovation with Data | EP. 029

This week we interview Jochen (Joe) Renz, the Managing Director at New Mobility Studio. Josh and Joe jump right into considering innovation in big data, moreover how data will be as essential as oxygen. They talk about smart products and a human-centric system of systems.

The system of systems diagram mentioned in the beginning can be found below.

Discussed at length in this episode – companies need to embrace data and new technology to stay relevant and innovative!

A big theme throughout this episode is the interconnectivity between products. How products will talk to and charge each other for services or data. This is definitely applicable in the mobility space, but will also become pertinent to many other industries.

Joe presents how products will be their own economic agents and how objects will trade data information in the future. He brings up a tangible example of the lights charging both he and Josh for the amount of time they used the conference room.

In conclusion, the conversation turns to how consumers will trust innovation in big data, who that data will belong to and obviously the genius of Elon Musk.

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