3 Important Things We Learned from Conducting Project Retrospectives

What can we learn from project retrospectives?

During COVID times, companies are familiar with pivoting. Analyzing what will help them keep moving forward during these strange times is imperative. Our company is not immune to this and we have taken time to be critical of our own process and experimented along the way. Project Retrospectives are a tool we have used in […]

How to Create an Effective Internal Journey Map

Journey Map Process

Most companies have a goal to always provide the best experience for employees and customers. When working in Human Resources, employees and potential employees are the focus. One area of improvement for us is our hiring and onboarding process. I took some time to learn and apply a journey map to this process and here’s […]

The Paradox of a Remote Community

Remote Community Blog Post

In the digital age, we are seeing more and more remote communities aggregate through online platforms. Some are genuine and some give a false sense of belonging. It is important in the remote-work world that organizations are providing their employees with a sincere community. At City Innovation Labs we have a core value of Faith […]