Build the
right thing.

We are a Product Innovation and Venture Studio that helps startups and enterprise-level ideas achieve rapid growth using proven Silicon Valley techniques.

Innovation doesn’t happen by chance — there is a playbook to achieve rapid growth. It’s about securing a product-market fit, aligning your team, and validating its business value.

At City Innovations, we fast-track growth using quantitative data to validate ideas and ensure market alignment. Let’s build a digital venture that will matter to the world.

Who we are.

We understand what it takes to build the right business — we’re a team of innovators ourselves. We know what it’s like to invest time and money into launching a Silicon Valley-based startup, only to realize it was the wrong thing. We learned from our failure and created a process to prevent it from happening again. Then we realized we could help others from making some of the same mistakes.

Since then, we’ve influenced, coached, and developed hundreds of successful ventures, product launches, and startups across dozens of industries.

Now, we take our real-world successes and failures, proven methodologies, and expert frameworks to build digital solutions that your customers actually want, faster than anyone in your market.

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Frameworks we live by.


Envision strategy with testable assumptions and measures.

Jobs to Be Done

Define customer needs with Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework.

 Validation Funnel

Ensure viability with feature and market readiness experiments.

 Design Sprints

Prototype to ensure  product-market fit with minimal investment.


Build a scalable application with Agile development processes.

We're here to help innovators make it happen.

Corporate Ventures

Enterprise changemakers leading corporate innovation to develop breakthrough products and ventures that generate exponential growth.

Funded Startups

Founders who have envisioned something new and are looking to validate and build new products in new markets in order to scale.

Equity Investors

Investors and private equity teams looking to make the most out of investments, and M&A strategy by leveraging a proven process to ensure the most profitable outcomes.

Software Development

Companies looking to infuse data-driven decisions with their development process to build the right product, with the right features, on-time, and on-budget.

Here's how to get started.

1Create a Growth-Focused Strategy ​
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Align your team with your ideas and collaborate on innovative business strategies that will help launch your venture with your organization’s current processes and goals.
2Validate Your Venture
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Uncover important customer insights through rapid market experimentation and testing so you can ensure product-market fit.
3Launch a Working Prototype
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Create a user experience that drives engagement, conversions, and retention using next-gen tools and tactics like low-code/no-code and SaaS products.
4Build the Right Thing
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Rest easy knowing that you’re now leading high-performing teams, designing your idea for the right audience, and building digital solutions that your customers actually want, faster than anyone in your market.
Our client invested $100k in creative capital.
Now they have $5M+ in revenue.
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Our EdTech proctoring client invested $100k in creative capital, now generating $300k/month.
We helped our food logistics client envision a "one stop shop" app for employees — cutting costs by over 25%.
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We created an employee recognition MVP in 2 weeks — now it has $50M in revenue annually flowing through it.
A FinTech PE firm needed to combine 12 brands. We helped analyze each brand rapidly under 2 weeks time, putting together a strategy to increase the LTV of a customer.
We helped bring a Healthcare Vaccination Passport MVP to market within 3 months, working with major pharmacy brands around the US.
After 1 year of development efforts stalled; we helped an EdTech mentoring platform re-launch within 3 weeks from scratch.
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Create a digital venture that will matter to the world.

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