Revolutionizing Software Development (Plus Helpful Advice for Entrepreneurs)

Thad Senti

Every team, venture, and startup has a story to tell. In this special edition of Venture unscripted., podcast host Josh Barker looks inward at City Innovations’ team to pick the brain of Thad Senti, Chief Digital Officer at the company. Thad has a unique entrepreneurial history and brings a special kind of experience and perspective […]

Creative Coworking: Revolutionizing Where Work is Done

Alysha Lach White

According to 2022 data from Statista, there are over 70 million freelancers in the United States. In 2028, that number is predicted to jump up to a whopping 90 million. But where do all these people work? Of course, some work from home. But wouldn’t that get distracting? And for those who don’t have a […]

From Educator to Entrepreneur — The Journey to Becoming a Leader in EdTech

Dr. Mac Adkins

Many people believe “If you build it, they will come.” But that’s almost never the case when it comes to building a venture. So, what does the journey from startup to first customer look like, and how do you become successful in the process? In this edition of Venture unscripted., City Innovations CEO, Josh Barker, […]

FrameShifting: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Innovative Problem-Solving

Mary OConnor Shaw

Facing complex challenges can put a serious strain on a team. Far too often, a series of seemingly endless meetings leave people frustrated and with little to show for their efforts. But what if there was a proven method for tackling problems that everyone on your team can adopt? A way that leaders, teams, and […]

How Hallmark Embraces Innovation as a Company

Jennifer Garbos

What does innovation look like? How does innovation inspire change and growth? In this episode of Venture unscripted., City Innovations CEO Josh Barker sat down with Jennifer Garbos, the Design Engineering Manager at Hallmark. Josh and Jennifer dig into the intersection of work and entrepreneurship, while providing insight into how Hallmark continues to emerge as […]

How to Start Your Venture Using a Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

With every innovative idea comes a big question. Where do you start? Maybe you have a great idea and you’re ready to execute it, but there are a lot of things to think about before beginning a project. In this City University session, Josh and Kyle talk about the Business Model Canvas and the process […]

How Fast Do You Want Your Startup to Grow?

Growth Team

Do you have a great idea you want to implement? Is there an app you want to build? The road from idea to viable product isn’t always straightforward. There are often a lot of twists, turns, and alternative paths out there. In this City University session, Josh and Kyle introduce the City Innovations Growth Team […]

Do you have the right team members? The Product-People Spectrum can help.

Product-People Spectrum

When starting a business venture, you have to have the right people on your team to succeed. But how do you know what kind of person you need? And when do you need them? Luckily, the Product-People Spectrum can help answer these questions. In this City University session, Josh and Kyle expand on the “Product-People […]

The Secret to Startup Success? Implement a Lean Startup Methodology.

Lean Startup Methodology

Starting a business venture can be complex — and quite honestly, scary. About 90% of startups fail, and 10% of startups fail within the first year, according to Forbes. Those statistics are bleak, but they don’t have to be. In this City University session, Josh and Kyle expand on the Lean Startup methodology — what […]

How to Build the Right Thing vs. Building the Thing Right

Building the Right Thing

Launching a company goes beyond “building the thing right.” It’s about “building the right thing.” In this City University session, Kyle and Josh expand on what that means, with tips on how your venture can build the right thing first without wasting time, money, or resources. Read the Recap Are you asking the right questions? […]